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Kandinksy meets Ikea

4 x 4 ft, Machine cut Plywood. Hand sanded pieces painted with acrylic. Complete with a lacquer finish.



I'll admit, I've spent a lot of time in Ikea. The friendly color palettes and forms are integral parts of my childhood memories. The Ikea formula in design, focusing on the simple and friendly, is what makes their pieces so successful. I'm interested in that formula.


How can a functional piece of furniture also serve as art and vice versa? Why do individuals and families choose to live with that piece? This sculpture for a Cornell painting class is my first attempt in exploring a relationship between fine art and furniture- like Kandinsky and Ikea. 


The next step is to build 4 legs and wooden bottom support for underneath the structure. Then, I'd like to acquire a 4 x 4 ft sheet of glass to place over the colorful arrangement of blocks. Wouldn't that be the coolest looking coffee table?